An Old Couple

An Old Couple

That is the way they lived together, whether there is economic problem or any other problem and they had trusted each other and shared their -difficulties and solved them without going for divorce,which is the first step the modern couple go in for. Although they lived year in the earlier times till if a will is there to live together till the end nobody can stop it either internal or external. ~ Chandra Ramanujam 

No woman goes into a marriage expecting to be a bad wife. However, if you aren’t communicating with your husband about your needs as well as meeting his needs, your relationship can get seriously out of balance. Marriages, like anything of value, require work and commitment. When you’re doing your best to be a good wife, then you’ll have a husband who truly appreciates you. ~ Xainish Khan 

All I can say is if you are not best friends before you get married it will not work. You don’t get married to change the other person, but because you already loved them for who they already were and if you are not happy with the marriage maybe its not the other person fault. More couples need to spend time with each other rather then having girls night out or boys night out. There are too many broken homes out there with the kids suffering because of it. Work on the relationship instead of throwing in the garbage. Well that’s my 2 cents that has lasted for 52 years. ~ Ruth Denna

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