Any good apology has three parts

Any good apology has three parts

Some people forget the whole concept of an apology and never recognize or own up to being wrong. ~ Kim Guthrie 

Some people think just part 1 will be sufficient and can’t understand it when you cut the cords with them. ~ Valerie Bondarenko 

Tell people what you are sorry about and never say you’re ‘sorry’ just to get people off your back. Don’t say it, if you don’t mean it. ~ Cindy Bowman 

Apologizing, on the other hand, does not always mean that one agrees with the other person or people; it just means that one cares more about the integrity of the relationship than one’s ego. ~ John Taylor 

If you are wrong, admit it. You will earn respect from those around you. 1. Be kind! Consider how you would want to be treated. Even “little white lies” are considered untruths and have damaging repercussions. Others will lose faith in you. 2. No matter how uncomfortable it is to be backed into s corner. Never give in to “throwing someone else under the bus” to make yourself look better. Trust is an earned “gift not an entitlement. Our true character shows in how we treat others. ~ Jill Newsom 

It is truly sad how many relationships end, because someone refuses to apologize and make things right, after knowing they hurt and/or completely pissed off by the other person. ~ Danielle Grossi 

To say “I’m sorry” is worthless. It does no good and, I challenge you to find any scripture to support the notion of simply saying “I’m sorry”. No one in the new testament ever recorded that phrase. It is better to say, “I promise not to do it again.” But, that is still only an unfulfilled promise. “How can I make it right?” or “How can I help?” ~ Raymond Reid 

There is two sides to this: I teach my children to accept the apologies they receive and also to forgive the person. ~ Jennifer Cruse 

Many things just cannot be “made right”. But if the apology is sincere, & the person accepts the apology, then that alone should make it right. ~ Patti Trainor 

Living amends are also very powerful, i.e. change the behavior, don’t repeat it. Nothing is more tiring than repeated apologies about the same behavior. ~  Denise Hecht 

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