Pretend to be happy when you’re in pain

Pretend to be happy when you're in pain

You can be strong and pretend your happy but deal with your pain by yourself. You don’t need to let the world know your problems.

Pain is just a temporary, eventually, you learn to accept & move on easily.

Pretending to be happy when you are anything but only allows for the bottling of your true feelings. The more you hide your true feelings, the stronger you feel them and the louder they are. The more you allow yourself to feel angry or hurt, or happy or sad, or whatever you happen to be feeling, the more you are able to take on the properties of water; you accept what has happened, you embrace it, and you just go with the flow. Move on! Whatever will allow you to be the happy, healthy individual that you deserve to be, just do it. It might hurt at first, but it will feel so much better in the long run. ~ Alli Curry

Some of us don’t have the ability to recover instantly and we have to fight our disappointment for a while and we don’t walk around sharing our disappointment rather we settle our disappointment internally. We don’t have to walk around verbalizing our struggle. Instead part of the process of healing is acting happy. I am responsible for my happiness. Some days I have to force it on myself. Some days it doesn’t come naturally. Some days I have to work at being happy. Is it fake? No it is me taking charge of my life and controlling my feelings. If I allowed my success to be based on my feelings, I’d be a lazy mess. I am strong because I make a choice to be strong not because circumstances are going my way. Today I choose to be happy regardless of how I feel. I am creating my destiny through God. I am not allowing my emotions to control me today. Peace out. ~ Frank Montro

Many times I have been down and out and always knew that the only way to get past it is to just let the pain roll throw me and process it. ~ Cindy Gamache

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