You don’t chase after people anymore

You don’t chase after people anymore

You don't chase after people anymore

Being alone is so much better than clinging to people who don’t want you in their life.

Some people just see their benefits in each relationship and treat you the way they like. 

I will not beg someone to hang out with me or love me. I’m worth way more than that. I lowered myself to that one time and I hated myself afterwards. ~ Jennifer Gonzales 

It taken me years to learn, but chasing never works. I have too much self-respect and self confidence for that at this point in my life. ~ Kathie Adams 

I have seen and still see cases of people mentally sick because they allowed toxic relationships and people for too long in their lives. This is not a joke, we think we can survive all, but everything gathers up inside of us, and the most toxic poison is not from food or water, but from people who deliberately harm us over and over again and we allow them to do so. ~ Mihaela Ela 

Be true to yourself, take care of yourself, enjoy your own company.

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