Sometimes it’s not the song that makes you emotional

Sometimes it's not the song that makes you emotional

Music & it’s associated feelings are embedded in our memory center of the brain.

Sometimes Music moves me more than words. ~ Tammy Marbert 

Every song has a circle and it takes me to many memories. ~ Theresa Darveaux 

Almost every song right now is a constant reminder of what could I’d been, what was or what’s reminder of. ~ Leeann Zook

Music slips into places of your heart you thought were gone. It puts you back into sounds, smells and memories of people that hadn’t come to mind in many years. ~ Pattie Hoogestraat 

Sometimes songs surprises you by evoking emotions that were already buried deep down in yourself and then it reminds you the time, the smell, the people or that special someone whom you wish still be a part of your life if only then that’s when the crying comes in that you wished you hadn’t listen to the song in the first place because it will surely brings back some (trying hard to forget) memories. ~ Norma Powell 

Music is like a time machine for me. When I hear songs from years ago, they take me right back to those times. Plus, old songs can have meaning for newer situations. I recently heard the Phil Collins song, “I Don’t Care Any More” and said “Yes! That’s exactly how I feel” about a particular situation in my life. ~ Evelyn Reynolds 

I love music. Some make me laugh and smile, some make me cry and some I just want to dance. ~ Sheral Cornwell 

Emotions are always involved in music. I can totally shut off and divert emotional and intellectual focus at will. ~ Gerasimos Loukatos 

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