A single moment of misunderstanding is poisonous

A single moment of misunderstanding is poisonous

A single moment of misunderstanding is poisonous

It often destroys all the good which two people have accomplished together. ~ Clifford Gibbons

People re-call more easily the “bad” memories than the good. We spend a lot of time going over, detail by detail, ruminating on negative things that have happened to us. ~ Regina Sebright

When it comes to a man or woman being violent in a relationship because of a simple misunderstanding than that is poison and it totally ruins all the good things. ~ Connie Gilliland

Not to dwell on that negative situation. God is so good who always give us strength to over come pain in our hearts. Stay focus, have faith in Him. God bless everyone. ~ Marivic Casilang

Let’s remember to forgive and love sacrificially and in that way we’ll miss making this mistake. ~ Charmain Johnson

So many friendships and relationships have been lost due to misunderstandings, though surely forgiveness should be able to replace the initial misunderstanding. Often Not so. Often, the misunderstanding overrules & all the previous love & connection is lost. ~ Nadenna Natal

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