When a relationship is right for you?

When a relationship is right for you?

When a relationship is right for you

A true love is not complicated.

No matter there is drama of some kind – yours or theirs – sometimes both, face it together, makes you stronger. ~ Margaret Fulmer 

When you are in the wrong relationship, you waste way too much time trying to make it work. When you are in the right relationship, you don’t waste any time at all. ~ Randy Dorilag

Mind games, control, power, jealousy and so on can never make a couple happy and there is nothing to be done to correct it. Walk away and find a simple relationship. ~ Alby Menicatti 

A true relationship makes you feel loved, cared for, respected, valued and never taken for granted and that is the real meaning of a beautiful long lasting relationship. ~ Bajan Queen 

Best advice I ever read was, “Ask yourself how you feel about yourself when you are around a person in a relationship.” ~ Donna Lynn 

You will know in your heart who should be in your life, you will feel it. Some just are not meant to be and not everyone we meet belongs there or will stay forever. ~ Diana Preneta 

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