Sometimes being silent is better than telling others how you feel

Sometimes being silent is better than telling others how you feel

That’s called “being humble during the storm.”

It was not worth my time to respond to an opinion that begins with “I think it’s more about”, considering that we all have our opinions of what “it’s more about”. I don’t respond to downward communication. ~ Junior Madison 

Everyone needs to be heard, and even if it’s not understood, there needs to be an understanding and caring approach to help them out. Society gets so wrapped up in what seems like it might be complicated and they bow out. ~ Jill Holland 

Sometimes things are so sacred and special to us that it is better to remain silent if we feel we are not going to be heard or understood. You know kind of like casting your pearls before swine. ~ Bonnie Crane 

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  1. rukiya faji
    January 18, 2015
  2. rukiya faji
    January 18, 2015

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