Better to get hurt by the truth

The truth is always better no matter how painful!   The truth always comes out anyway & it hurts more after you’ve discovered that you’ve been lied to. ~ Terry Frambers    The people who lie the most don’t do it in an attempt to save other people from hurt or …

Not everyone can make us happy

I’m responsible for my own happiness! ~ Katie Payne    Only you and you yourself only have that control of your happiness. ~ Lizzie Hawthorne    Our friendship is something I’ll. Never take for granted and always treasure! ~ Wendy Jane  

Not everyone is meant to be in your future

The ones that ‘pass through’ our lives are the ones who make the most profound impact. Two of which I shall never get over. They hurt the most, but you know what? The indelible mark they left was positive. ~ Carmen Scott    Every challenge in life is to make you …

Life’s about losing & finding special people

Change is the only constant in life! First you learn to love yourself, then you learn to trust yourself. Some come for a little while others a lifetime and all memories are always stored in one heart, they can make you laugh or cry. ~ Wilma Sosa