Caring people help others

Some people think you are being mean or out of bounds when you are trying to help them, but unfortunately that’s just something one cannot help. As long as they understand eventually you meant no harm. ~ Carina Serrano   

You don’t have to try & make everyone happy

You should not always try to please other people, or be the one that is constantly relied upon to solve a problem, to the detriment and destruction of yourself. I found myself doing this regularly, making myself ill in the process, running around to help others who were ungrateful, rude …

A Man of Value

Feeling very inadequate in the world of financial success but know in my heart that my value in my children’s lives, the time I give them of myself is worth more than material things or places to go. ~ Jen Trudick   

Someone hurting you a second time

I don’t want to waste another second of my life thinking about them. I believe things do happen for a reason. ~ Shirley Helmer  Don’t waste your time wishing for something good to come out of it because it won’t move on and free your mind and soul. Life is too …

Everything & everyone who drains you, has to go

It’s not because I don’t love them or gave up on them, it’s been an on going thing throughout my life. Life is too short to have so much drama & conflicts when you should be able to live your life in love, peace & harmony. ~ Gwenn Jenkins   

Removing some people out of your life

The toxic family member that’s been in your life forever. First off it’s hard to admit to yourself who is toxic. Someone you love deeply but, if there is more sadness than happiness it’s time to let go of that person. Chances are your not going to stop loving them. …

Some will hate everything about you

I love myself and who I am. I use to worry about what people think about me but I don’t anymore. I enjoy each day and please myself not others and don’t care if they like me or not. ~ Kathy Kumm  It is your life! Stop worrying about what others …