Accept! They aren’t that person anymore

Accept! They aren’t that person anymore

Accept! They aren't that person anymore

In life, you make the wrong choice. As time goes by it is very hurtful that the person you are with betrays you. The moments you spent together can no longer be a good memory because all that time the person was deceiving you with a phony personality. Once the person knew that you were believing him/her they go on to the next person they can take advantage of. ~  Bella Angelo

Some people would rather hold on to something that was lost a long time ago than to accept it’s over and just move on. Friends come in and out of our lives for reasons. I’ve had some who I have known and remained close to for years and years other who were around for a short time and no longer people I choose to be close or share my life with. ~ Lori Boyd

Sometimes you have to be with the wrong person to find out who the right one is.

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