Always love your mother

Always love your mother

I was lucky to have a great wonderful and beautiful mom until she past away. Now I have her in my heart forever. Every day I miss her, I tell my kids when I am gone there is nothing like having your mom around, you will miss me. I might say don’t do this or that but I do it for your own good. Someday they will say mom you was right, I should have listen to her. ~ Marjorie Fitzmaurice 

Cherish her every single day, show and express all your feelings. Talk to her about your feelings because when she is gone you will regret it if you don’t do that. ~ Katerina Pashia 

There are some not so good mothers out there, but it was our mother that gave birth to us and she is to be honored and respected even if she isn’t the best Mother. In fact, this is the first commandment with a promise that says-“Honor your father and mother” for (this is the first commandment with a promise), “that it may go well with you. Go well with you is saying a lot. I have forgiven my mother for all her shortcomings and I can now live in peace knowing that I sowed a good seed so that my kids won’t turn around and disrespect or dishonor me. Those generational curses won’t stop until someone learns to make the right decisions/choices in their life to stop them. At least she didn’t abort us. So at least let’s give her credit for that. ~ Ann Kirkman 

Give your mother the love she gave you when you were small. She is still the same person but older and wiser now. I miss you mom, I hope you are looking down on me from heaven because I am looking up. ~ Ellie Witt 

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