Be careful how you talking to yourself

Be careful how you talking to yourself

Be careful how you talking to yourself

I’m pleased somebody hears me when I speak, even if it is just me. ~ Vera Leach

My talking to myself is just great. I listen like a hawk. ~ Ronnie Parr

We talk more in the inside then the outside of us, especially quiet times and only God knows what it is that is inside without words. ~ Gisele Joseph

Sometimes it’s not the words of other people, but our own words which leave a deeper impression on us. ~ Bhavana Yanamandra

I listen and hear myself a lot and I actually have conversations with “me”. ~ Nina Irvine

Pay attention to the questions you ask yourself, because your mind will always find for you an answer. ~ Momo Kimoko

Thoughts and attitudes are what we become. ~ Jasmine Worral

I repeat ”I am healing” as I change the dressings and believe it makes all the difference. Also, I repeat how proud I am of my body’s ability to heal. With you on that for sure. ~ Helen Ainsworth

If you say, “I’m so stupid” your brain picks that up and then you start acting stupid. ~ Bonnie Bohay

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