Be with those who bring out the Best in you

Be with those who bring out the Best in you

There are those that just thrive on “drama” and they just drain you. I much prefer to be around an uplifting, positive, bring out the “silly head” in me type of person. ~ Lee Smith 

It is something people should think about when associating with individuals who have negative direct or indirect comments to say rather than look at the bright side of things. I have seen what comments can do to people, relationships, and even family. Why focus on the bad? Why not focus on the good? Kids are very sensitive and we want to protect them, as we adults are that take it to heart. Why is it that adults continue or exhibit this behavior? Why cause division? Unity is where it should be.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. It is stressful enough to live with everyday problems to solve, so we need to model and explain problem solving to our kids; that it is not a perfect world. What can we do to make it better? I know my kids go to school facing problems like us adults. It is really sad.

This is the time in which my husband and I try to prepare our kids for the real world to recognize what is it that they believe in and what do they value to build a foundation as they learn important lessons that gradually forms resiliency. Meanwhile, we counsel our kids to not let others stress them with their mean and hurtful comments; we explain to our kids so long as they know that they did their best in whatever they do that is all that matters. We express to them that there will always be someone on the sidelines trying to tear you down.

Importantly, we want them to know that life is not about bashing each other physically with violence and or with hurtful words so one can be viewed as the better one. We as parents, try to express to them that it is about how you carry yourself as an individual for all to respect and enjoy.

~ Susan Guzman 

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