Create a Life that Feels good on the inside

Create a Life that Feels good on the inside

Create a Life that Feels good on the inside

Create the life you want and feel happy living. 

What’s on the inside will eventually show on the outside.

Do good, live right, and do what makes you happy. We only have one life. It’s not worth wasting it, just to please others and if people don’t love and respect you for that, you don’t need them. Don’t lose your happiness over it. ~ Jessica Andrews 

When you live right and feel good on the inside people will see it on the outside. ~ Melvin Waggoner 

When you feel good inside because you live right, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually it will show on the outside how good you feel. Inside and out. ~ Norma Powell 

You all have lives that feel good on the inside. If you not change your priorities, life could be short for all of us. ~ Peggy Goldstein

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