Cutting some people out of your life

Cutting some people out of your life

There are some people you have to cut out of your life. Some people abuse you, use you, hurt you, steal from you and some are so toxic they can suck the happiness out of your heart and soul. Some people have been so tormented that they have been hospitalized because of it. So when you say you have to remove people because you respect yourself, it’s because you love yourself because you have to set boundaries and not have them in your life any more. ~ Brigitte Nicole

Attachment is not healthy. People come and go. People have seasons in our lives. Dependency always brings nothing but suffering. Understand this concept and all will live a much happier life. Invest in yourself and stop investing so much in others. Nothing selfish about self care. ~ Unknown

When you start to grow you change and some of your old contacts simply stay where they are. So, they don’t support you growth by being a backward pulling force and you decide to leave them where they are. ~ Dmitry Isaev 

I did this 3 years ago, hard at the time but looking back now. It was truly the best decision I made. Once you cut yourself off from negative people & those who don’t appreciate or respect you you start to attract greater things in your life. Although the journey has been emotional, painful, strengthening & healing. Everything from then onwards has been a complete blessing. I now have a gorgeous man who totally respects me, supports & encourages me to pursue my dreams, a beautiful son with him & an amazing career I am so passionate about. Would not have any of it if I didn’t walk away those years ago. ~ Tina Pascoe 

I had to do this 2 years ago with my one and only sister. I cried and was sad for a quite a time, but in hindsight, it’s the best thing I could of done. As much as I love her and always will, she was very toxic and every time we met, I would go home feeling sad and belittled. Regardless of my attempts to change this, I realised that I cannot change a person, so the only thing I could do was change the situation. ~ Joanne Di Tomasso 

Sometimes it means I even respect them, too. I respect them enough to allow them to be exactly who they are without trying to change them while respecting my decisions for who I am at the same time and just plain knowing that it takes more than love to make some things work. ~ Linda Johnson 

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