Do something for someone who can never repay you

Do something for someone who can never repay you

I helped homeless people and helped my neighbors who is 86 years old, take her to the Doctor, she recently past away, she told her son that she love me that mean the whole world to me. ~ Nikki Madore 

People always wait for repay. It’s in their nature. Few know how to do this and they are indeed happy. ~ Iulia Razvan 

Helping someone who is at a disadvantage; an elderly person, a child, the poor, the helpless, or someone who doesn’t even know you helped them out. If I help out an elderly woman with her groceries or pay someone’s parking meter because it ran out, those are just two examples of doing something for someone who can never repay you. ~ Iulia Razvan 
Always do the good things without expecting payback. 

When you give or done something for someone, never expect anything in return or repayment. ~ Maryanne Floodgate 

How easy to do for those that really don’t need it, but so hard to do for those in need. We have got it upside down. Blessing from God come when we do for those that cannot repay us, then God can bless us because out of a right heart we helped. ~ Shelley Cole 

Does it need to be payed back? Do something for some one without expectations. No matter if they can repay or not. ~ Cindy Lansink 

You do it for yourself not because they repay you . It’s for your own satisfaction. ~ Netsanet Mergia 

It makes you feel all warm & fuzzy inside. Not to mention how the person feels. Sounds like unconditional love to me. Sure would be totally awesome if we as the human race would make it a point to practice such an act everyday. The world would be such a beautiful place. ~ Patty Moore 

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