Don’t give your power away to people you don’t care about

Don’t give your power away to people you don’t care about

Don't give your power away to people you don't care about

We shouldn’t give our power away period.

The thing about me is I would rather have a few quality close friends and spend more time on them than fair weather friends. ~ Tracey Altham 

I’m so tired of fake people. Only have a few in my life and I am not going to pay much attention to them. ~ Nita Singh 

It’s not so much you don’t care about them, but if they truly cared themselves, they would not treat you that way. That’s why I focus on my family and God. They won’t hurt me. Praying for all the cruel people in this world. ~ Pam Kelly 

Don’t throw your pearls before swine. ~ From the book of Bible

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