Have you ever wondered what hurts the most?

Have you ever wondered what hurts the most

If its hurtful to someone then, not saying it because, you cannot take it back once its said, depends on the circumstance. Don’t say anything unless its something good. ~ Maureen Freeman

If you say the wrong thing it can be hurtful & embarrassing. But if you say nothing when you should, the results can be tragic. ~ Janice Trostle

Just because you can say something doesn’t mean you should. If you feel that you must say it then say it out of love and with tact. ~ Julie Ricke

If I’m in doubt as to whether to say anything I ask myself (a) does this need to be said? – (b) does this need to be said by ME -and (c) does this need to be said by me NOW? ~ Heather Hamer

If you thought about it before you said it and its the truth, then say it. The truth hurts, but sometimes people need to hear it anyway. ~ Sonja Rixon

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