Honesty has a power that very few people can handle

Honesty has a power that very few people can handle

When a person hates being lied, that person is honest. We always expect others to be true because we are true to them. Lies are good temporarily but it brings a lifetime injury. ~ Anna Liza

I will always chose the truth in all situations because it is the only way I can deal with anything and that is if it needs attention, fixing, mending, or just plain old explaining things to a child or a boss or God, you have to know what the truth is and then the trust continues and we live and learn a better way of life! ~ Terry Ellis 

Honesty is expensive. Not everyone can afford it.

Honesty frees the spirit to make room for serene contentment!

It is a standard in life you can abide by. If you know your true self and set standards to how you conduct yourself in life then no, it’s not hard to abide by, unfortunately there is so many temptations in society, and those who are unsure of their life standards find this to be a difficulty. ~ Michael Brown 

Honesty means being true to yourself. Making excuses for your actions will kill your honesty, then kill your peace, so be honest with you. Changing you is the key to serenity, peace, gratitude, hope and love. ~ Lou White 

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