If you truly mean something to someone

If you truly mean something to someone

If you truly mean something to someone

Being busy is no excuse for lack of communication. ~ Nita Singh 

When they don’t have time for you anymore you know it’s because they’re too busy with someone else. ~ Christine King 

If that person cares and want you in their life, they will make time just to hear you breathe. ~ Cynthia Chang 

Always have time to say, “Hello, how are you. I love you, I missed you”. ~ Dory Bennier 

A simple phone call or text will do. Only 3 minutes out of a person’s busy schedule. ~ Maria Guerrero 

The busiest people can always find time when they choose to. I have found that the busier I am, I have more time and space for the ones I love. ~ Mg Gopalan 

Some people are just so busy filling up their ego, they lose the ability to connect with others. ~ Karen Walsh 

Many of my friends are involved in multiple organizations and are career professionals and often forget about friendships and the importance of maintaining friendships. ~ Sidney Hunter

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