It takes a stronger Heart to continue to Love

It takes a stronger Heart to continue to Love

This is the Golden and wonderful heart for the True Lovers.

Better to have love and lost than never to have love at all. ~ David Mascardo 

The point is to keep loving until you find the heart that is meant to love you. ~ Alicia Dawson 

I’ve been hurt, but I choose to keep my love for her inside my heart. ~ Bob Freshney 

One only can consider themselves a strong person when he has the courage to try over and over again, those who don’t do so, have failed and have given up on life, on happiness, one everything really. That’s what I call a weak personality. You gotta keep trying, doesn’t matter how many times you fall, you get back up and keep going. Be strong and keep heart. Love and you’ll be enforced, trust and you’ll get peace of mind. Let troubles trouble themselves and keep focused on positivity. Do all of this and youl’ll live a life so wonderful, no weak-minded person will ever be able to bring you down. ~ Nina De La Costa

We learn who deserves our love eventually, after we learn to love ourselves.

Sometimes letting go is so hard. Don’t let the pain destroy you. Held your head high, busy yourself and learn to trust again. Always trust that God have another plan for you. ~ Jessyline Maquito

If you love yourself and have your health you’re capable of loving another person who will not hurt you. You should to be treated with love, honesty, and respect. You just need to make better choices and learn from past mistakes. ~ Victoria Mack 

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