Let go of past hurts

Let go of past hurts

Let the healing begin, letting go, forgiving others and most of all forgive yourself. ~ Sandi Cabell

Unforgiveness can destroy you, and also we are so hard on ourselves. Forgive yourself, and you can fly again. ~ Joyce Baker

The hardest part is forgiving oneself, realizing you were again taken advantage of. It takes time but it will eventually come. Forgiving others is easy and it is burden lifted off your shoulder but forgetting will also take time. ~ Norma Powell 

Forgive your brain for letting your heart control your good senses about you. ~ Bea Yglecias

You have to forgive your self but that cannot happen unless you relies what you have done first and instead of blaming someone else for your mistakes sad how many people cannot take responsibility because of their own ego. ~ Beau Svoboda

There’s no sense in harbouring the past hurts, it only eats you up from the inside out and makes you bitter toward everyone. Live life as it comes not as it has gone. ~ Thomas Page

It needs time to heal what they caused you, but even if how often you forgive them. They still keep on doing that to you, its better to draw the line. We have our limits as person. ~ Krish Gagarin

It really begins to improve when you master forgiving yourself. ~ Julie Nygren 

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The wiser you become the more redirection is simplified. ~ Deborah Biedronski

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