Love is being stupid together

Love is being stupid together

Love is being stupid together

It’s one of the most enjoyable. It’s known as careless loving, that is you don’t care what happens around you, as you delighted and enjoy the togetherness. ~ Jinky Ablon 

Don’t take the word “stupid” literally. It means to feel free to be yourself with the other without limits. Have a life full of laughter and fun. Enjoy each other’s silliness. When you can do that, then you are truly happy with the person you are with. It is only my personal opinion, please don’t kill me for it. ~ Angelica Popa 

When I feel safe enough (it won’t be held against me later) to “just be” and/or be stupid/let loose around someone means that I trust them and that is a rare thing. My personal circle is very small, even though I have many acquaintances. ~ Tammy Savage

I’d rather be stupid and happy in the name of love, than miserable and lonely in its absence. ~ Ace Lagasca 

It’s important to have fun and laugh and not take everything too serious or too much stress. Just smile and appreciate life. ~ Patty Grinner 

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