Never force anything that’s truly meant to be

Never force anything that's truly meant to be

It should be 50/50 and it should be easy. Do unto your partner as you would want your partner do unto you.

There’s a difference between fighting and forcing. You can just go so far. You reach a point where you don’t want to lose yourself, respect and dignity. You just have to let go. ~ Jason Ryan 

How do you know if you’re forcing it or just working hard at it? To me, “forcing it”, means it’s not gonna work, there’s no sign that it will, and you just keep trying. “Working hard at it”, is when you believe it can work, you still have hope, and there are at least occasional signs of progress/breakthroughs. ~ Craig Lewis 

Realization takes time and we don’t want to accept at first. In the end it shines through though and only then can we find inner peace. ~ Kevin Fitzsimmons 

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