Never let loneliness to drive you

Never let loneliness to drive you

It doesn’t fix anything and just brings more heartache. Better to stay away and find someone that treats you as you should be treated. ~ Lady Mason 

It is understandable that some will return to those who may have hurt or mistreated them due to insecurity, but will later realize or hopefully realize their mistake. Loneliness and insecurity can make us do things we know are wrong. ~ Rick London 

I like being single. Peaceful! till one day, I find a good man that would treat me good. Better start out as friends first to see if I can trust him. Get to know who he is before invest my heart into. Guys who thinks about “sex” who don’t even know you, really turns me off. Big turn off. No! take my time. I don’t have time for hurtful “games”. Life is too short! There are much better things to enjoy than being with miserable someone don’t respect or treat you rite. Not worth it! ~ Connie Foreman 

Do you know how emotionally strong a woman has to be to follow this good advice. They need support, they need friends and understanding. They need tough love even. Loneliness is feared tremendously by women especially. It’s hard to see the rewards available once you vow to stay away, begin to like/love yourself and finally open up to respecting yourself enough to have the confidence needed to go on. It does get better. ~ Nancy Matheson 

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