Not everyone who is Single is lonely

Not everyone who is Single is lonely

I’m alone and sad, but it’s better than with some one and miserable.

I’d rather be single and happy than with someone and not in love. ~ Vanessa Petrea 

Is it better to love deeply and not be loved in the same way or to be loved deeply without loving back. Either way it hurts and lonely.  Been in both situations. Lucky are those who are in love at the same time with each other without reserve. ~ Ana Luisa

It can just be a choice, a simple choice of like (love) of oneself, so that accepting someone else in, is just not acceptable. Being alone does therefore not mean loneliness. ~ Mpodol Kunde 

Someone who were taken are sometimes still single and those who are single are also in love. Why have options in relationship status: It’s complicated. ~ Patrick Magat 

You don’t always have to have a significant other until you can be your own significant other. ~ Elizabeth Peterson 

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