People with the worst Past

People with the worst Past

Some people with a troubled past use their experience to be better. Others use it as a reason, not to be any better. It depends on the person and their self esteem. ~ Prim Uzor 

It’s a natural outcome that having endured and overcome the very worst that life can throw at us, one can only hope for a better shape of things to come in the future. Mistakes may litter our sorry pasts from which we have emerged stronger, wiser and better able to cope with our shattered lives and face a brighter tomorrow. Things have gotten worse only to get better…our harsh experiences of the bitter realities of life have geared us to move onwards and upwards to create a better than good future on the ashes of our pasts. ~ Margaret Young 

Take the past and your strength and you can make your future be so much better then your past, make it what you want it to be. It takes work and is not easy but, if you want it bad enough and willing to work on it, anyone can do this. ~ Suzanne Talijan 

People with a worst past are actually the least judgmental of all because they’ve seen them all. They are more open minded and are not picky on little and small details. Just as in reverse, people who live a clean life tend to be more judgmental. They have this holier than thou feeling. ~ Bernard Cheng 

The problem is that people with troubled pasts usually have low self-esteem. If people with a bad past discover their fears and overcome themselves then they certainly do create a brilliant life out of that experience.

Working hard everyday to improve my life, that’s what life is all about, it’s a journey of improvement. ~ Missy Dee

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