Some people forget the fact that Respect is free

Kindness And Manners Are Free

Some people appreciate only the things that they pay for.

Just be nice to someone every day, be it by pulling into the next lane on the road to let someone out of a turning, letting someone in the store with only a few items go in front of you in the checkout queue or even just saying to someone who you see everyday how nice they look. It’ll go a long way. ~ Marcus Hender 

You know the type, when you hold a door open for them to go through, there is no acknowledgment or thanks. ~ John Ringwood 

The richer people are the least amount of manners they have. ~ Jennifer Pytka 

They don’t forget, they were never taught. Manners must be taught from childhood. If mom and dad had no manners so shall the kids simple as that. Parents lead by example good or bad. It’s not nor ever has been a matter of cost. ~ David Velasquez 

Good manners and right conducts are taught from homes and school. It’s just now the older adults are the one who ignore them, specially in public or when driving. Some would even stick their fingers and we know they are not muttering good words when you see from rear view mirror. Their facial expressions and they mouth flapping up and down. ~ Norma Powell 

In today’s generation, it’s our parents duty to teach their children good manners and kindness. ~ Lorenia Cortez 

I never get a thank you for gifts given. I solved the problem. I stopped giving and treat myself to something. ~ Anne Susser 

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