Sometimes life is too good to be alone

sometimes life is too good to be alone

Sometimes you just want nothing more than to be (left) alone. ~ Ann Hernandez

When life gets to us, its nice to have someone to talk to and unload our thoughts and feelings because it’s not easy to keep all that stuff buried inside and when life gets great it’s nice to have someone to call or be with to share our good news or express our gratitude or happiness because that too is hard to keep inside. Sure our solitude is precious and time alone is healthy and much needed but with the ups and downs of life, nothing beats having someone you can share our most deepest sorrows and our good times.

It is better to be alone rather than living with someone that makes you feel alone. ~ Vess Prend

It’s the best time to be alone. You begin to know yourself and be confident with yourself. ~ Augusto Rodriguez

Better alone! No headache. Just make friendship with true people. ~ Susana Supilanas

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