Sometimes you have to give up on people

Sometimes you have to give up on people

You have no choice but to give up on those who no longer bring something positive to your life. You have to cut the dead weight free in order to be able to move on. After all, if they don’t care why waste your energy and emotions on them? ~ Pamela Rivera 
I’ve had to cut people out of my life too. If your trying to help them and they aren’t responding to that, they have got to want to make the change themselves, they have to have a realisation so they can help themselves, because if not your wasting your time and it’s upsetting and frustrating. ~ Milly Jackhuahua 
Someone in my life is like this. They have mood swings, so sometimes they’re nice, sometimes they’re exceptionally rude and unkind. And I have always, always tried to have a positive attitude and keep them in my life. Today, I realized that it isn’t possible, and trying to keep a relationship going is stressing me out. I quit. It may make me happier than just about anything I have done. ~ Tempe Snyder 
You never give up on anyone. You see people in a positive light regardless of how they see themselves. Do not allow others to determine your perspectives. We have had the honor and privilege of watching many people turn their lives around because we believed in them, until they believed in themselves.
We can’t keep holding onto something that is not going to happen.

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