Sometimes, you just need a break

Sometimes, you just need a break

To meet and see what is being prepared for you there. A new environment and a new settings of life for good. ~ Adlemi Mangaoang 

To dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free, 
Silhouetted by the sea, circled by the circus sands, 
With all memory and fate driven deep beneath the waves, 
Let me forget about today until tomorrow. ~ Bob Dylan 

Peace of mind is a valuable thing.

That place can be found deep within ourselves. We can go to that place when we choose. Simply slow your breathing, close your eyes, and meditate. ~ Darren Ruffles 

Sometimes it is necessary to have solitude in a loving surrounding to do introspection and talk to oneself. It is very useful and rejuvenating in nature. ~ Ramniwas Jhawar 

That is deep inside of you. Meditation prayer faith that you are unique in every way. Know you are loved. Find that innermost peace love harmony belief and know God’s grace is there for you. ~ Les Rogers 

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