The best kind of people you will ever meet

The best kind of people you will ever meet

The best kind of people you ever meet

The only type of people you want to know the ones that have no agenda.

You’re lucky if you have friends who love you for being you.

I feel sad when a person feels like this it’s a good time to look back and think of a positive that someone has done for you the things you do with a kind loving heart will come back to you not from the same person necessarily. We all have so much to be thankful for to waste time on the negative will only make you seam like less of a person than you really are. ~ Kowalsky Braaten 

I’m grateful that I have friends and a loving husband who love me for who I really am. ~ Anita Bogalin 

I have been blessed with some great friends who I know love me for who I am but I know some that only have something to do with me if I am doing for them. ~ Corey Hale 

In the past I have had only friends in my life who were only friends with me for what I could do for them and they didn’t love me for who I was. Their loss! ~ Laurie Santos 

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