The best way to get over someone

The best way to get over someone

The best way to get over someone

It may not be easy but necessary for your own good.

The best way to get over someone is to get complete with the past so that it no longer lives in your future.

Sometimes, it’s the healthiest thing to do for yourself.

It not only allows you time to heal and move on, it gives them a chance to miss you. ~ Raylene Murray 

Only memory lost can make you forget anything. Just ignore the thought, do nothing, move on to the next thought. ~ Avril Greene 

Close your eyes, imagine that person facing you and that string attached to both of you. Ask God to cut off the string. If it cut, you will feel at peace and you will see that you have not attach no more to that person, if it doesn’t, the work is not over. Do it till you see that string cut. Surround yourself in the white light and that person too. ~ Alain Gravel 

Cut all contact. This speaks volumes and reinstates our boundaries and personal values. ~ Marsha Sinclair 

The best way for me is to actually look that person in the eyes from time to time. For me getting over someone means being able to eventually look them in the eyes and actually be over that person. I have the best success when I deal with emotional pain head on. The end result is a platonic relationship with that person. The thing is the person you got over could never understand how you have become so emotionally unattached to them. ~ Patricia Forgenie 

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