The hardest things to repair in life

Words & Hearts should be handled with care

People who break hearts don’t care about anything but themselves.
God allows you to be swayed by the desires of your heart, and the truth of circumcision is that the heart be circumcised. This is done through it being broken of it’s idols. Give thanks to those that break your hearts, for they lead you to a greater understanding of your true self. They serve a purpose to help you grow. ~ Vickie Sumner 
Be careful what you say. Words spoken thoughtlessly can never be taken back. ~ Cindy Penfold 
We have broken hearts and broken minds, BUT COMES WITH THAT WHEN YOU RECOVER, COMES A STRONGER HEART AND MIND. ~ Barry Wallach 
It does hurt to think that someone you love & admire – cherish, actually – not only doesn’t return the sentiment, but just plain has no use for you. ~ Terri Kelley 
Be careful what you say. Words spoken thoughtlessly can never be taken back & are remembered forever. ~ Nargis Gaskin 

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