The only people you owe your loyalty

The only people you owe your loyalty

Loyalty means you trust someone as much as they trust you. If this bound does not exist we are actually talking about commitment, perhaps an obligation but when it comes to loyalty it has to be a two-way road. ~ Cassia Cardoso

Loyalty means a feeling of devoted attachment and affection or having a commitment and dedication to someone. You can only have that with someone or something that is close at heart to you.

Loyalty can be very misguided in some cases as there are some people without morals or values who are loyal to organizations or cults. Yet, loyalty is an admirable quality when you always give to someone or something because of your feelings and love towards them with no hidden or obligated agenda on both parties. When you both feel like you have each other’s back, with love. 

A sense of loyalty is keeping your friend top of mind when he/she is going through a difficult time. It is defending him/her if someone makes a harsh judgment, even if that someone is you. It is treating him/her the same in all circumstances, regardless of who is around. It is believing in and encouraging him/her, being supportive regardless of circumstances. It is steadily maintaining your relationship, not diminishing or changing it without discussing together. It is undoubtedly being committed to the relationship and being willing to do what it takes to make it work. Now if the loyalty is not given back, it doesn’t mean I will be disloyal in return. It just means I was wrong about that person’s loyalty towards me and maybe I should reevaluate our friendship/relationship. ~ Brigitte Nicole

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