There are people who can walk away from you

There are people who can walk away from you

There are people who can walk away from you

Over and out. Once you accept this simple rule it helps you to get over a loss. ~ Claudia Holzkämper

Your destiny is never tied to anybody that leaves you. ~ Chrissy Elias

It is also good to know what part they should play in our story. Some are given major parts when they are meant to have minor roles. Doing the right “minor role” could be just as important as a major role. ~ Robert Hardy

True love is so hard to keep. You must water your beautiful plant if you want it to grow. If you don’t you know what happens. And then there are times when it’s time to leave for the good of both, as much as it may hurt. But then only the two players know what happened and are the only ones to judge one another. ~ Roberto Rivas

Why would you bother to hold on to someone who wants to walk away. No matter how painful it could be, letting go of something that doesn’t want to be held is a better chance for you to get something better. ~ Jennifer Nguyen

If you’ve hurt someone and apologized and they won’t forgive you, than definitely that person’s part in your story is over. ~ Lottie Miller

I’ve left people who has, in what they’ve done or said, showed that they don’t respect me. In order to maintain my self respect I had to leave. That doesn’t mean it was easy or without cost, in fact I find it more painful than being left. ~ Marianne Weum

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