Don’t hang out with those who points out your insecurities to you

Don't hang out with those who points out your insecurities to you

Anyone who is constantly pointing them out is doing so to mask their own. ~ Jennifer Gilmore 

Sometimes they do, but when it’s a habit, no one deserve to be centered out in that way. ~ Debbie Dubois

People are rude and inconsiderate and unloving who make false general assumptions and then try to be “helpful” in pointing out others flaws. Everyone has flaws and no one is perfect. ~ Julia Harpin 

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

We know our own insecurities. We hang out with people that make us feel good about ourselves. ~ Aloha Hapa 

To point out your insecurities & shake your confidence, who needs that? A good friend will go out of their way to help you deal with them and encourage you to believe in yourself. ~ Brigitte Nicole

You shouldn’t put someone down by saying stuff you probably have no idea as to what is really going on. I’m sure she can handle if from her closest friends. Not some person she doesn’t’ know that decides to give her a titbit of info that she knows & that just presents them as being critical & not worthy of her friendship as I would do. So some people draw the line at even a sliver of abuse. Especially when no one is perfect. Doesn’t someone criticizing show how insecure that person is or jealous. ~ Donna Lobdell 

It depends on the spirit of the pointing out. If the spirit is to reduce suffering by acknowledging insecurities and working to overcome them, then I cherish those friends, and would never abandon them. ~ Kenneth Butland 

I would accept a little constructive criticism from someone who I know truly loves and cares about me. ~ Marsha Rose

If they point out my faults instead of my strengths, they are not a true friend. ~ Kenneth Butland

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