We can apologize over and over again

We can apologize over and over again

The first time is a mistake, after that, it’s a choice. Same principle basically. If you are truly sorry for your actions, you will not keep doing the same thing over and over. ~ Kellie Nichols 

These days we say “I’m sorry” to everything but we don’t mean it in more that 5% of the times. ~ Wenche Martinsen 

Some people just keep on doing the same thing, but one day someone will get fed up of there ways then its too late and then they shall soon be in sorrow. ~ Pearl Anthea 

If you say sorry and are sincere about it, then its enough. I have seen many actions being sorry, and most were false. ~ Paul Tinkle 

An apology only works if it is accepted, so even actions can be useless if a person can’t forgive, it’s a two way road. ~ Dean Haywood 

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