What makes you the most beautiful person?

What makes you the most beautiful person?

What makes you the most beautiful person?

It’s not about the physical appearance, but the heart.

Goodness, kindness, patience and tolerance are foundation to have a good life.

True beauty is having a beautiful mind & heart, not a beautiful body or face.

Kindness reflected the other person. We are like a mirrors!

It’s about our inward appearance. Characteristics of a genuine kind person: they are tender, benevolent and useful to others; every action and every word they do or say will have the flavor of grace in it; they will come to someone’s aid without expecting anything in return; they are kind to everyone; they minimize judgment; they do not expect perfection, because there’s no such thing; they are always present and are good listeners; they are optimistic and will look at every angle of the situation; they are grateful people; they do random acts of kindness; they are, friendly, generous, polite, compassionate and always have a SMILE on their face.~ Laura Toma 

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