When all you want to do is be with someone

When all you want to do is be with someone

When all you want to do is be with someone

The best medicine is “TIME”, but “LIFE” once told me, you will be happy, but first I’m going to make you strong. ~ Juan Francisco 

It is physical pain produced by your heart. The stress affects your blood pressure and heart rate even causing irregular beats. The stress and grief causes anxiety and chest heaviness/pain. It triggers a physical pain response often more painful then injury. Our bodies are amazing. ~ Tara Stephenson 

The times when I felt my heart and soul were feeling hollow, alone, in darkness and not fulfilled were most of my life, before my pains lead me to the One Creator, the One and Only God who can heal and fulfill us with His Love, Light and Mercy. God gives us Love, which cannot even be compared to a human being’s love, as it is so magnificent and unconditional; that is where true happiness comes from and how we stop depending on others or this temporary life to make us happy. How comes we feel pain? Love, hurt all are invisible and so is God but we feel it. Just ask God to guide you to the truth and heal you. ~ Khadija Angelique

It’s your brain sending different chemicals to your heart. It’s trying to do both fight and flight responses. That is what the physical feeling of “heartbreak” is. The inability of the brain to choose. ~ Alexa Alvarez 

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