When certain people or certain experiences walk away from you

When certain people or certain experiences walk away from you

Here’s to goodbye to the past which I can’t change anyway. Hello to the present which is all I have control of. And ” see you soon” to the future because although I can make better choice be a little bit better of a person. I do not know what holds so I’m going to try to take each day as it comes. Have faith in God and let Him have the reigns. ~ Cheryl Keith

You cannot like everyone, nor will everyone like you. Once you realize this, each hello and/or goodbye is a learning experience and not the beginning/end of the world. You can then start enjoying your life. ~ Joyce Casement

The hellos are always looking for you. The question is are you ready to say hello back. Open your heart and watch what can happen. ~ Ali Bennett

Sometimes you need to let go of the people you love before. Not because you don’t love them or hate them but you know deep inside they’re going to harm you and hurt you. This is what I always practice. In time like this, many people pretend to be good at some point, they want to get friends with you for some reason, they’ll use you, and find faults in you, and once they see your weaknesses they’re ready to throw it back to you. Don’t let it Happen. Say Goodbye. ~ Rada Mendoza

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