When inner peace begins

When inner peace begins

Feelings are neither right or wrong. Our actions on our feelings we are responsible for. ~ Carol Clink

You are the only one responsible for your own happiness. No one else has the right to say what is good or bad for you.

We can retrain our brain actually our subconscious mind to feed us more and more thoughts which are not of a critical or hurtful nature. the brain has a neuroplasticity which allows us to do this work. It is up to you to decide you would rather be happy or have resentments. Resentments are trade-offs trading off happiness for being right. ~ Joan Thomas 

It’s easier than you think when you’ve had enough. It is amazing how quickly your brain can shift into a better place when you make the choice that you deserve a healthy relationship. It’s a good feeling when you follow through on that. ~ Victoria Mack 

Changing is tough, but manageable. Life is better for it. Nobody has lived the same life or choices. Don’t allow others to judge you. I accept people for their differences and expect nothing more. ~ Jenifer Johnson 

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