When the Pain of holding on is worse

When the Pain of holding on is worse

When you know your love one is suffering and in pain, It’s selfish to try and hold on to them. Let them go if you truly love them. Free them from the hurting.

Don’t hold on to something that makes you feel bad or worst, you may not understand it but God is just asking you to let go and let him handle your needs. ~ Simon Paculan 

When you have done it you wonder why on earth you didn’t do it so much earlier on, you are worth it, you can do it, there are better times ahead. ~ Ceri Hadland 

That moment of peace, when we can finally accept what is, truly, when something, someone, someplace, some situation, that once meant so much, no longer does, when we can be with it as it is, not as we imagine, not as it may once have been, or we may once have been, no longer angry or frustrated that it is not what we believed, not trying to make it so, not clinging on nor pushing it nor running away, wearing neither rose colored glasses nor blinders, to have the intense highs and lows soften, not into a blandness nor deadliness, but into a peace, a true letting go, a freedom and liberation, one that cannot be forced, but emerges. ~ Alice Murnighan

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