Why cherished moments are lost?

 Why cherished moments

Love can make your life more beautiful. 

Respect time! Being alive is to be cherished. 

Life’s too short. Enjoy time with your kids. When they’re grown they gone. ~  Monnie Lemaster 

Celebrate each moments of your life and I know, it’s not possible however but create a pattern within yourself to celebrate. ~ Unknown

Changing my life around to cherish every day. No need to spend it sad or mad you can never get a minute back of your life. ~ Lindsey Abendroth 

Love doesn’t last forever, neither does life. So, I have learned to grasp love for today even though I have a broken heart tomorrow. I will begin to heal and live my life to it’s fullest because nothing is forever, not even love. ~ Natalie Murray 

Just being grateful everyday you wake up and every moments that come to your life will be cherished because you took a moment to thank the one who gives life and everything to our delight. Enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, stopping to smell the roses it gives you the need for meditating even while driving the car to work, just breathing in and out exhaling deeply. Those cherished moments you create with someone won’t be lost. ~ Norma Powell 

Many years ago we live for everything helpful to life & nowadays we live for everything which is harmful to life. ~ Tarak Mishra 

We all need more family time, less work time. The world was a much better place when we lived the life of one working parent, and one working home Parent. There’s a lot of truth in this. It’s better for “the kids” it’s better for the crime & drug rates. ~ Tracey Miller

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