Why relationships end too soon?

Why relationships end too soon?

Why relationships end too soon

People who truly love you don’t stop putting that effort in. The reality is they never truly loved you at all. They just lusted after you and then when that lust wears off which it inevitably does they are gone. That’s the reality of it. ~ Joseph Simone

It’s sad that winning new people over seems to mean more pleasure for most people than keeping someone happy for a longer period. So probably hence not putting in the effort – as the ‘return on investment’ seems higher when winning a new person for most. Which is just an illusion. ~ Katalin Köbli

It’s the little acts of love, humour, surprise and sweetness that reinforce the magic. ~ Kathleen Thomas

True love will keep it going because you have a new car you don’t stop washing it and you never stop showing your lady that you love her. ~ Joseph Lee

All depends who is the person you are with. Whether he is the right person or not you should know. ~ Adela Pacheco

Relationships are for people who are waiting for something better to happen in their lives. ~ Avinash Yadav

Don’t force, let him/her go. If you love someone, give him/her the freedom to be happy. That’s unconditional love. ~ Mildred Lozada

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