You can’t travel back in time to fix your mistakes

You can't travel back in time to fix your mistakes

Wish I could turn back time then I would not be stuck outside without my keys. ~ Anna Sanders 

Forgiving yourself is the key to inner peace.

You learn from them and work hard to be a better person. There are no regrets, just lessons learned.

Just give yourself a pat in the back and move on. There are so many opportunities ahead waiting for you. ~ Judi Pears 

To live a comfortable life one of the things is to have the ability to forgive yourself. ~ Anfel Hamouda

You cannot control your brain no matter what. It throw you around back and forth so forgiveness does not work for me as the memories overides it .You have to walk on with it and don’t say leave it behind because it wouldn’t, but if you crazy as me you do it again but only better let you. You only learn by your mistakes. ~ Lydia Ortell 

Dwelling on mistakes won’t assist you but what you achieved from it to make yourself better. ~ Josephine Musunka

Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places, if we just allow ourselves to let go of the wheel at some point and let God steer us. ~ Dustin Ruzicka 

It took me a long time to earn and sometimes I slip up and sink into self pity but I shake it off pretty quickly. ~ Shirley Hollenback

My problem is I keep making the same mistake with the same people and never learn anything, all the while knowing better, so in all honesty I cannot forgive myself or even blame anyone other than myself. ~ Theresa Fugate 

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