You don’t Live anymore in your Past

You don't Live anymore in your Past

Don’t look back to the past because you don’t need it for your present life. ~ Eileen Mc Dermott 

The past has made you who you are, for what kind of friends you have and helps you build your future. ~ Stéphanie Roumeguère 

Living in the past makes us forget we have a present, and even more, a future. If the past was worth it enough, it would still be a present for us. ~ Jasna Trengoska 

Even the worse things in your past can be a blessing if you’ve learned something from them and so you should never have regrets. ~ Al McCurdy 

Glad to know your awake now. You have to make a mistake to know whom you can trust. Sometimes you’ve been blinded with love but it happens to be the way to happiness and I am with all the way as long as you will never go back again in the same way. ~ Fe Ascano 

The past was real, it happened. I don’t have to stay there anymore, but now I can visit, just to look around at the ravages it left, then I am free to come back to the glorious now. ~ Elouise Billions 

While I have learned from past, I’m not my past. If I can’t deal with you, then you don’t deserve to be a part of my future. ~ Kym Schwab 

My past is a bad one, but it didn’t kill me, it made me a real strong lady for my present and future. ~ Nona Bucket 

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