Your past doesn’t define you

Your past doesn't define you

As long as you don’t let your past consume you, destroy you, or confine you from achieving the best possible life for you in the now. Take the lessons, learn from them and let go of the rest. Move on, and visit the past only for the good times and the wonderful memories not for the what ifs, the should of’s of could of’s.

Albert Einstein said that we can’t live in the future because it’s not here yet, we can’t live in the present because by the time we become conscience of anything. It’s already occurred, we live in the immediate past.

We are not perfect, we commit mistakes but what’s important is that we learned from it. Our past plays a great role for what we have become now. But that doesn’t mean it defines us, rather its our heart. ~ Vernzie Rotse

When I know that there is nothing that I can change about a moment I can’t retrieve, I let it go. Why do so many people live in a place that doesn’t define today. ~ Sandi Cabell

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