Awakening someone’s love without any intention of loving them

Awakening someone's love without any intention of loving them

Done intentionally isn’t good karma for them and if many people who do that to others get it done back to them eventually some time or other. ~ S C Tapu 

It’s pretty sad when a person knows they are being used and they keep running back to the person who is using them just to get there hearts broken more. ~ Sheri Botting 

There are persons for whom this is a kind of sport, but much more often it happens, when one person is friendly polite and caring, and the other one feels this nice attitude and can do nothing but fall in love. ~ Olga Romanovskaya 

My ex tried to ask me out and made me believe in his love and when I truly loved him, he left me with another girl with a stupid excuse I’ve ever heard, so cruel and irresponsible. ~ Truc Dong 

Being loved by a person is a gift, don’t abuse it. There are many ways of being cruel, but this one is the most stupid above all. ~ Samantha Liu 

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