Depression, anxiety and panic attacks are not a sign of weakness

Depression, anxiety and panic attacks are not a sign of weakness

It is the mind and bodies way of telling you that there is definitely something wrong in your life. Do not ignore these, your body can only take so much before it decides to give up. ~ Stephanie Nashif

Admitting you suffer from any one of those disorders doesn’t mean you are weak but strong enough to realise you are never alone. There are always people willing to help, whether its through medication or having someone to talk to. ~ Kim Miller

It sure feels like a sign of weakness sometimes, but realize that it is your mind and body on overload and is saying, “I just can’t take any more crap right now.” ~ Nancy Weisbrodt

We all have had to be strong a little too long. Most of us because we care too much, most of us because we think we can handle it all and most of us because we have too, but for whatever reason it’s damaging. We cannot forget that we are humans and all it takes to heal is saying how we truly feel. ~ Nini Italiana

We live, we experience, we endure & we are survivors. ~ Robin Latzman

Thunder only happens when its training. ~ Teresa Giasson

I felt great relieved that I have walked out and have survived. Our mind has got to stay strong & positive. ~ Angeline Soh

If you want to help people, don’t say you’ll help them & then not follow through. Just being there so they have someone to talk to is a huge help. ~ Shelley Gabrielle

If you haven’t experienced it you will never know how this feels & those who have not experienced it, don’t really empathize without you. So seek professional help & know that there is hope. Also pray & do not give up and don’t be ashamed, it could happen to any one. ~ Marianne Fernandez

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